๐Ÿ“ˆTable in Workspace

As seen in the demo in the Talk to Wobby section, Wobby offers unlimited data analysis options and saves you time to produce a perfect report for your research goals.

When Wobby generates an analytic (in the form of a table) in the dataset's Workspace, it lets you: Visualize, Transform, Analysis Breakdown, Download as CSV, Save as Dataset, and Continue as Table from the right-hand side of the table.

  1. Visualize:

Click on the icon to switch to the chart view.

To switch back to the Table view, click on the Table View icon on the top right-hand side of the chart:

2. Transform

Click Transform to open the table in a pop-up with the option to create Pivots, Row Groups, and Aggregates (avg, count, first, last, max, min, sum).

The aggregates can be created for numerical data columns. To create an aggregate drag and drop the desired numerical data columns in ฮฃ values and select from the required aggregates.

  1. Analysis Breakdown

To see how Wobby processed the data to extract and create the data table from the parent dataset, click Analysis Breakdown.

A popup opens explaining the data in the table and the process.

  1. Download as CSV lets you download your data in CSV format:

  • Click on Download as CSV.

  • Select the destination folder in the Save As popup.

  • Click Save.

  1. To save the table as a new dataset, click on Save as Dataset icon. A popup appears 'Save table as a new dataset.'

Click Save.

The dataset is saved in My Data.

  1. To continue working on the created table, click Continue on Table.

Any prompts given to Wobby are in context to the specific table.

In the next section, Charts, this guide will continue with details on editing charts and how to update/edit/add to your report.

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