Like Backgrounds, you can search and add related photos to your report.

  1. Undo/Redo

  2. To Flip the photo vertically or horizontally, click Flip and choose from vertically, or horizontally and choose Effects to update the photo's aesthetic effects.

  1. Click Fit to Page to convert the photo along the canvas' dimensions/size.

  2. Click Crop to trim the photo according to the report's aesthetical goals.

  3. Click Position to adjust:

  • Layer position of the selected photo.

  • Photo alignment.

  1. Set the photo's transparency from 1-100 according to its position in the layers.

  2. Toggle lock ON/OFF to update chart characteristics/prevent changes.

  3. Copy chart.

  4. Delete chart.

  5. Download the photo as PNG, JPG, or PDF.

Shift and select all the elements on the page to group them.

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