What type of data does a pie chart represent?

Pie charts represent parts of a whole. You can use it to display the relative sizes or proportions of different categories within a dataset. Each slice of the pie corresponds to a specific category, and the size of the slice is proportional to the value it represents.

  • Categorical data: Each category represents a distinct group or label within the dataset (e.g., types of expenses, market share of different brands, distribution of survey responses).

  • Proportions or percentages: Relative proportions or percentages of each category within the whole dataset. This makes them useful for visualizing how a whole is divided into different parts.

If you prefer to compare values, bar graphs are often better suited.

You can choose between the Pie Donut Chart and the Pie Chart and update the Category Field and Value Field (if applicable).

In the Style tab:

  • Update the chart's Title and Description.

  • Color palette.

  • Legend.

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