Wobby provides a diverse toolset to make your report perfect. This includes complete text and font customization.

  1. Create a custom Header, sub-header, body text.

  2. Inbuilt header, sub-header and body text designs.

When you click on a text, options to modify the text pops up at the top:

  1. Undo/Redo

  2. Change font color and font (Upload your font by clicking My fonts mentioned in point 18.)

  3. Increase/Decrease font size.

  4. Change text alignment.

  5. Change text style: Bold, Italics, Underline, Strikethrough.

  6. Change the distance between lines.

  7. Toggle text's aesthetic Effects ON/OFF

  1. Click Position to adjust:

  • Layer position of the selected chart

  • Chart alignment

  1. Change text transparency.

  2. Toggle lock ON/OFF to update text characteristics/prevent changes.

  3. Copy text box.

  4. Delete the text box.

  5. Download the text box as PNG, JPG, or PDF.

  1. Duplicate page.

  2. Add a new page.

  3. Upload custom fonts.

Shift and select all the elements on the page to group them.

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