๐Ÿ”ŽBrowse & Upload Datasets

Wobby lets you add 3 datasets at a time. To add a dataset, you have two options:

  1. Add a public dataset from Discovery

  2. Add your dataset to Workspace

When you open the dataset, click Analyze in Workspace at the top right-hand side of the dataset:

Once the dataset is added to the Workspace, you can:

View Dataset in Workspace

Click on the View Dataset icon

The dataset opens in a popup. You can:

  • Filter and view columns according to Discovery -> Public Dataset.

  • Columns (right-click on each column header in Filters to add to Row Groups or Aggregate values to generate required aggregates):

    • Toggle Pivot Mode ON/OFF.

    • Set Row Groups.

    What are Row Groups and why do you need them?

You can use Row Groups to organize and analyze data in the dataset, especially when the table has many duplicate values or sections.

For example: If a dataset has sales figures for multiple products over several years, grouping rows by product can simplify the view by collapsing each product into a single row.

  • Set column Aggregate values

You can take a set of values (like multiple columns of data) and return a single value result from the set of values to derive statistical values and add value to your research.

Delete Dataset in Workspace

Click on the Delete Dataset icon

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