Wobby lets you create Reports to:

  • Communicate your findings to the stakeholders. Our report's clear, and concise format allows stakeholders (managers, clients, team members) to understand the findings without needing to delve into the technical details.

  • Provide actionable insights. Wobby's insights highlight trends, patterns, and correlations that you can use to make informed decisions or drive strategic actions.

  • Incorporate visual elements like charts, graphs, and tables and communicate information quickly and effectively. We make it easier for your readers to grasp the key points.

With Reports, Wobby transforms raw data into meaningful information that you and your stakeholders understand.

Access Reports Dashboard

To access the Reports dashboard, navigate to Reports on the left-side navigation panel.

Add a Chart to Report

To add a Chart to an existing/new report, click Add to Report on the right-hand side of a chart created by Wobby in Workspace.

A popup appears Add to Report where you can:

  • Add the chart to an existing report (and toggle Add a new page ON/OFF), or

  • Add the chart to a new report.

Wobby then redirects to a new report.

Wobby Reports gives you the options to:

  • Add charts

  • Resize page for viewability

  • Add text and upload fonts

  • Resize

  • Add background

  • Add custom pictures

  • Sort layers

  • Add Elements

  • Choose a template

The following sections highlights each section in detail.

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